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While in the midst of my thesis writing in the past two or three weeks, I developed an urge to bake a chocolate cake (and eat it, too). J, knowing better than to encourage this distraction, forbade me from baking until I was finished with my thesis draft. “But my body is telling me that I NEED CHOCOLATE CAKE,” I whined. To my delight, J offered to bake one for me. But as I knew that it would be an intimidating project for him, I relented my craving and agreed to hold off cake-baking until I was done writing so that we could attempt his first cake together.

On the day I submitted my thesis draft to my reading committee, we celebrated by getting  to work on the cake. An approachable chocolate cake recipe that immediately came to mind was a recipe that I always turn to when making chocolate cupcakes: a devil’s food cake recipe, where all the ingredients come together at once in a single mixing bowl. Beat, add eggs, beat. As simple as that. This time, we used a Callebaut cocoa powder that I picked up from The Chocolate Man. J executed the recipe entirely on his own, while I played the part of sous pastry chef.


After waiting impatiently for the cake layers to cool, it came time for J to smother on the chocolate buttercream. This was his favorite part in the cake-making process – second only, of course, to eating the cake. We each had a thick wedge, complemented with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and a glass of milk on the side. It was. Oh. So. Good. And although the thought of having a whole 9-inch cake to yourself might seem dangerous, there is no way we are going to share this cake with anyone. We’re planning on having a slice each, every day, until it is gone.


I love this cake stand that J bought me while he was in San Francisco for a conference a few weeks ago. How could I not have wanted to bake a cake? The little birds look like they want to get a peck of cake crumbs, too.


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