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Sara. She likes the smell of chocolate and butter on my breath.

I’ve made three full batches of these gargantuan chocolate chip cookies since last November. The first two batches were treats for our families at thanksgiving and christmas. They were a hit with my family, as well as J’s (particularly his dad). The third batch was for ourselves and for a friend who shares a love for sweet things.

I munched on a cookie by myself tonight. I wish I could have split one with J, bite by bite as we usually do, but he is away on job interviews. I guess I am not quite alone, with Sara curled up beside me.

chocolate chip cookies

p.s. Since these chocolate chip cookies have already been mentioned many a time on the blogosphere since their debut in the newspaper last July, I’ll reduce my description of the cookies into a few words: chocolatey (this seems obvious, but more so than the usual ccc), chewy (but crisp on the exterior), kind of caramel-ly, and sweet-n’-salty. The sprinkle of sea salt on top makes all the difference in the world. All in all, cookie perfection. Except for the portion control part — that is nonexistent.
So much for a few words.


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